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As we showcase the work of the graduating students from the New Media Arts Program at Kapiʻolani Community College

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Virginia Yoshida and the library staff.

Our instructors for sharing their knowledge, pushing us to strive for our best, and encouraging us every step of the way.

And our friends & family for their support.

New Media Arts @ KCC

The New Media Arts (NMA) program is a two year AS degree program located at Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. The NMA mission is to prepare students for employment in the fields of interface design and animation.


The Animation track prepares students for careers in 3D computer animation, video game development, and emerging industries employing 3D computer graphics. Topics include the full CG pipeline, film analysis and storytelling, digital painting, and demo reel development.

Interface Design

The Interface Design track prepares students for careers as interface designers with a focus on web design. Topics include graphic design, web design, front-end interface programming, typography, graphic symbolism, digital multimedia, and motion graphic design.