John Doe

KCC New Media Arts Student

ART 285: Interface Design Studio

In this course, I chose to design a business card for Dr. Keith Edwards, a pediatric hematologist oncologist in need of a simple, minimalist business card.

Project Info:




Personal Notes:

Project ideas/domains:

  1. Responsive Site
  2. Wordpress Site (w/ Custom Theme)
  3. Web App
  4. Hybrid Web App/Responsive Site
  5. Native Mobile App
  6. Processing.js artwork/site/app
  7. Motion Graphics Piece (Ad/Promo)
  8. Digital Video (Ad/Promo)
  9. Ad Campaign (Print + Motion)
  10. Branding/Identity (Logo + Stationary)
  11. Graphic Symbolism (Interface w/ Custom Icons)
  12. Information Graphics (Interface w/ Custom Infographics)
  13. Illustration (Interface w/ Custom Illustration)
  14. Digital Print (Artwork)
  15. Algorithmic Art (Artwork)
  16. Digital Publishing Workflow/Process (Web + ePub + Print)

Random Tests:

  1. Web App Tests:
  2. Wordpress Tests:
  3. Kitchen Sink Test - (single page vertical scrolling interface template)
  4. Vertical Scrolling + Animation Tests:

Personal interests:

  1. Technology Related:
    • Technologies to learn/look into:
      • Github (cloud-based version control & code sharing)
      • Front-end stacks & package management solutions
      • Wordpress (custom theme from scratch or using _s)
      • Web App Development
      • Phonegap Build
      • CSS3 Animation
      • New Framework Versions (Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton)
      • Retina ready graphics/imagery
      • Using Modernizr
    • Technologies to do more projects with:
      • CSS preprocessors (ie LESS, SASS)
      • Vanilla Javascript (no Jquery)
      • Custom Grid Systems (and advanced grid layouts)
      • Custom Frameworks
      • JQuery Slider/Slideshow
      • Single Page Site w/ Vertical Animation
      • Boilerplates (ie HTML5 Boilerplate)
      • JQuery & Jquery Mobile
      • Modernizr
      • Retina ready graphics/imagery
      • Web Fonts/Typography
  2. Other things that I would like to integrate:
    • Simple (less is more) minimilast UI (ie. flat and material)
    • Good use of the Grid (ie. The Magazine Look, Print Design Influence)
    • Rich, Strong Typography
    • Large Intro Type Block
    • 1-2-3/Step-by-step Walk-through/Instructions
    • Tiered Multiple Columns
    • Speaking Navigation
    • 3D/Depth
    • Icons & Visual Cues (ie. badges/starbursts, etc.)
    • Large Call-to-Action Button(s)
    • Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube Integration
    • Interesting backgrounds (ie. photos? gradients? patterns? stripes? etc.)
    • Big Typography
    • Media Block(s)
    • White Space
    • Large, stylized footer