John Doe

KCC New Media Arts Student

ART 293v: NMA Internship

On this page, I will be posting assignments and information related to my NMA internship experiences.


  1. Planning, Searching for, and Securing an Intership:
    1. Internship Plan
    2. Resume
    3. Cover Letter
    4. Portfolio
  2. My Internship Location is: Company Name
    1. Signed Contract
    2. Signed Liability Waiver
    3. Progress Report #1
    4. Progress Report #2
    5. Progress Report #3
    6. Final Evaluation Form
    7. Final Brief/Presentation

Examples from Past Students:

Sample Final Presentations:

  1. Derick Fabian's ART 293v FINAL Web Page - [url]
  2. Alana Nakahara's ART 293v FINAL Brief - [pdf]
  3. Atsumi Yamamoto's ART 293v FINAL Brief - [pdf]
  4. Kathleen Uno's ART 293v FINAL Brief - [pdf]