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Kapi‘olani Community College, University of Hawai‘i - NMA Interface Design

An Interface Design Voyage

Get ready for a journey of learning how to make informed decisions to create quality interfaces by exploring the creative design process of analysis, planning, designing, coding, and testing.

  1. 1 | Analysis

    Project briefs, user profiles, goals, tasks, outcomes, features, & functionality.

  2. 2 | Planning

    Information architecture, site maps, wireframes, prototyping, heirarchy, & structure.

  3. 3 | Designing

    Mood boards, type & color studies, mockups, & multiple rounds of refinements.

  4. 4 | Coding

    Web standard compliant, accessible, valid, semantic markup, styling, & scripting.

  5. 5 | Testing

    Cross-platform, multiple browser, multiple device quality assurance & testing.


A Brief Overview of the Site

This is the faculty web site for Chris Gargiulo. This site is an online resource for all who are interested in new media releted topics and techniques.

Within the contents of the site you will find information and documentation regarding courses and topics taught by Chris Gargiulo. All articles, lessons, examples, urls, assignments and associated documentation will be remain posted indefinitely. Enjoy...

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